"David has really produced some amazing architecture over the past several years. The renovation projects that I have been involved with have been thoughtfully and creatively executed. David is always there to assist with ideas and great resolutions to issues as they arise during the construction process. Very often, I hear compliments of his work from his clients."
"Collaborating with David is always a pleasure. We have worked with Graham Architects on several projects of varying sizes and budgets. What is remarkable about David is that he truly listens to his clients needs and dreams. and then endeavors to fit that into their budget - not always an easy task. From our perspective, David is easy to work with if design changes arise and changes are necessary. He is timely and concise, and he has great design aesthetic. Additionally, as a born and bred local, he is completely in-tune with the community and all the workings of the town. We look forward to working with David in the future."
"Bowley Builders is a 45 year-old company that specializes in custom home construction. We have collaborated with Graham Architects on dozens of projects over the course of the past 15 years. In addition to being communicative, thoughtful, and transparent in his dealings with builders and home-owners, David is also highly-skilled and knowledgeable. His eye for design is superb, his pricing is reasonable, and his turn-around is quick. David would be an asset to any construction team and anyone looking to design a quality home."
"David is an extraordinary person, he listens, he executes, he keeps an open mind, and he doesnt make promises that he cannot deliver on. When we met a few years back, he was on the uptick in the York County area, he now is "there" having had a hand in some of hte largest projects in our area. An unqualified Five Stars for David, if you make the decision to use him you will not only not regret it you will recall it as the smartest decision you made in building your project."
"Graham Architects designed our beautiful and unique home. Mr. Graham was always professional, friendly, reasonable, and worked with the builders to help reduce building costs. He was flexible, patient and helpful with our changes. He has a nice even temperament and is quick to smile. Most helpful during the stress of building your home! While compatibility is very important, also is the architect's eye. Mr. Graham designed a beautiful and interesting roof line which respected our goal of honoring the Shaker style of clean simple lines. We are amazed how he could see this and put it to paper. Mr. Graham visited the building site regularly and if we were concerned about something, he visited promptly and met with the building contractors. He has designed many beautiful buildings and existing home improvements in our area."


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